Birmingham, AL
Morris Avenue:
"She'd turned a corner and at first the sight had been disorienting, almost disquieting, the gaslights and cobblestones and nothing open, planned anachronism, more of a Hollywood backlot than a street she'd have expected here."


Storkland and Baby Heaven:

"Stiff Kitten practised, and, when rent couldn't be paid, lived, in the empty space above Storkworld. A sort of baby's K Mart, Storkworld sold everything from disposable diapers to cribs that rocked themselves, safety pins by the gross and rolls of pink and blue wallpaper."
-- Silk


Cullom Street and Southside:

"Set far back from the last dim streetlight on Cullom Street, the house waited for her in its protective cocoon of dark, sheltered safe beneath the craggy limbs of water oaks and arthritic old pecans."
-- Silk


Quinlan Castle:

"Quinlan Castle like a bad joke or the entrance to the world's shoddiest amusement park; bizarre midieval façade wrapped tight around squalid little apartments, cockroaches and one whole side of the building condemned, abandoned to the homeless people who have broken in through first-floor windows and torn up the carpet for their smoky, toxic fires."
-- Threshold


The Birmingham Water Works tunnel:

"This rough, stone wall set into the side of the mountain more than a hundred years ago, blockhouse of stone and mortar and dank air to cap the north end of the tunnel, mushroom and mud and mildew air..."
-- Threshold


The Harris Building:

"Turn-of-the-century brick, rusted bars over broken windows and those jagged holes either swallowing the light or spitting it back out because it's blacker than midnight in a coffin in there..."
-- "The Long Hall on the Top Floor"


The Red Mountain Cut: